Upcoming Workshops:
Budapest, Carina House
April 29-30, 2023
Balaton, Dörgicse
June 2-4, 2023 (FULL)
June 5-7, 2023

13 - 14 November, 2021

Carina House Batik Workshop,

Ezen a tanfolyamon a tsanting és az akvarel használata mellett a technikai tudás elmélyítésére fordítottuk a legtöbb időt. Baliról hozott authentikus motívumokat, hitvilágukhoz kötődő szereplőket festettünk a már gyakorlott résztvevőkkel. A kezdő festőknek az alapvető fogások megtanítása után egy indonéz motívumokkal díszített kendő elkészítését tanítottam meg.

June 10 - 13, 2021|

Dörgicse, Batik Workshop

The weather was perfect for painting and e-biking. For supper we went to the restaurant of the Dabas Bio Vinery. We would like to thank the hospitality of the Casa Jamon, where we received the highest level of service. For breakfast we had local chese, salami with a lot of vegies, home made bread and freshly pressed orange juice. The rooms were nice with comfy beds and the panorama was beautiful. 

April 30 - May 2, 2021|

Egerszalók, Angyalosház Batik Workshop

We spent a very good weekend at Egerszalok. Four people tried this wonderful technique the first time, another three have been studying at my courses for years. Some of the beginners painted pillow covers, since wax painting was new to them. By the end of the third day, they decided to paint real batik paintings at the next workshop. Our guest organized the evening activities for us. The first evening, we visited one of the most beautiful natural salt bath in Hungary. The second evening, we were invited for a wine tasting tour by the local St. Andrea Vinery. The sommelier put his heart into his presentation the same way I teach batik painting to my students.

November - December, 2019|
Kosovo Workshop

In November 2019, I spent two weeks in Kosovo for the invitation of the International Women for Women Organization. Here, I taught ten ladies to use batik technique to produce marketable items.

01 March, 2019|

Indonesian Batik Workshop with Christina

In this semester, besides the use of tsanting and aquarelles, we learn more about techniques. If you want to join this joyful creative team as a new one, then it is also possible to explain and deal with each person.

14 January, 2019|

Klimt Workshop

This workshop is about more than painting an iconic image, transforming it into one's own image and making it a magical creation.

18 November, 2019|

Batik Wax Painting on Silk

Batik on silk - magic batik. Paintings made by batik technique on silk can be described as, magic, mystique and exquisite. They are also shiny,  deliquiate and beautifully colorful.
June, 2022|

Dürnstein Abbey, Exhibition

I had the honor to exhibit my newest waxbatik paintings at Dürnstein Abbey, Austria.

December 9, 2021 - January 20, 2022|

Generations Exhibition at the Baja Cultural Center

The next location of our Generations Exhibition is Baja Cultural Center.

10-31 July, 2021|

Christina Skarupka Szabó and István Skarupka Generations Exhibition at Dörgicse, pearl of the Balaton-uplands.

We exhibit our new works, painted during the months of the Covid lockdown. 

09 October, 2020|


The Generations Exhibitions was held in MUPA, Miskolc, Hungary together with my father Istvan Skarupka who is an oil painter.

24 March, 2019|

Christina Skarupka Szabó and István Skarupka Exhibition in Debrecen

This exhibition, the first of a series with my father Istvan Skarupka, was held at the Medical Sciences University of Debrecen, Hungary.

October, 2018|

Paralax Art Fair, London

In the fall of 2018, I had the honor to exhibit my batik paintings in Chelsea Town Hall, London.
January - February 2019|

Chile Trip

In January and February 2020, I spent one month in Chile, for the invitation of the well-known Chilean batik artist Cataline Espina. We exchanged different wax painting methods and techniques.

February, 2019|


I traveled to Indonesia, to the island of Bali, three times. This was the last of the three trips. I was enjoying my time in the already familiar surroundings.  I deepened my knowledge trough working with acknowledged batik gurus such as Nyoman Warta, Gusti Sujana, Widya and Nyoman Suradnya.

June-July 2018|

Japan Trip

In the summer of 2018, I had an opportunity to visit Japan. I had a great time in Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama and Nara. In Kyoto, I was welcomed by the director of the Shibori Museum, who showed me the exhibition and I had the honor to be dressed into a priceless, handmade silk kimono. The memories of my Japanese trip gave me inspiration to paint several artworks.

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